Public School Uses the Past To Reimagine the Future

From a pop-up replacing their runway show to partnering with Nike

Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of New York native brand Public School have never been the type to take a safe approach to their designs or projects. Everything they have created has been done through their NYC-centric, sport-based lenses. Whether it’s the red MAGA-defying hats they showed on the runway last February—that read “Make America New York” and offered proceeds to the ACLU—or their backpack …

CH Picks: Timeless NFL Apparel

Game day shouldn't be the only time to support your team


From capital F fashion houses to emerging streetwear brands, we’ve seen sport-inspired imagery enter the world of men’s style across all levels in the past few seasons. Whether it’s high-end mesh jerseys, handmade leather footballs or iconic high-tops stepping from the court to the runway, there’s no denying that sports apparel has transcended the stadium. No longer are replica jerseys reserved solely for game day, …

Mitchell & Ness Title Holder Vests

Mitchell & Ness have been purveyors of high quality sporting goods since opening up shop in Philadelphia in 1904. Their Title Holder Vests are a throwback to earlier times, with a retro-styled emblem of your favorite team embroidered across the front. Classy, stylish and sporty all in one.