Pinkglow Pink Pineapple

In the era of sharing just about everything on social media it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Pinkglow pineapple, with its sleek graphics and photo-op ready packaging, has arrived. Powered by lycopene, this pink pineapple varietal actually tastes good too, with a less sour and slightly sweeter profile. It’s currently grown only in Costa Rica by Del Monte, and while not likely to be …

“Can’t Touch This” Temporary Tattoo

For no other purpose than fun, Tattly applies superior design to temporary tattoos. Arm yourself with this bold-font declaration—designed by Paper Jam Press founder Arianna Orland—to let them know you’re too legit.

Caramellissima Watch

This is actually a pretty disappointing product, because every time you look down at the Swatch Caramellissima Watch you’ll likely be tempted to eat the beads—as they look so much like candy necklaces of yore. This grown-up version, while unfortunately not edible, is more than just arm candy—it also tells time.