“Drizzle” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This 100% extra virgin olive oil is crafted from native Picual olives grown in Jaén, Spain. They are harvested by hand in October (before the olives have ripened) which lends the oil its punchy, spicy, peppery flavory—a bold combination which makes for a delectable addition.

Olive Oil + Oregano Rusks

Yiayia and Friends celebrates Greek cuisine in the form of snacks, olive oils and culinary-centered objects. Not only are their treats tasty, the packaging—featuring the namesake yiayia (granny in Greek)—by Beetroot Design is bold, colorful and full of character, making their products great gifts. Made with minimal ingredients, these mini toasts are flavored with Greek extra virgin olive oil, olive pomace oil and oregano.

It Takes Two Cleansing Exfoliant Kit

Joshua Tree-based olive oil brand Wonder Valley manufactures their own olive-derived skincare products. Their It Takes Two kit comprises an Olive + Lotus Exfoliant and an antioxidant-rich Oil Cleanser. Simply mix both in the palm of your hand and scrub your face clean, ridding it of dead skin, dirt, build-up and residual beauty products. Because they’re packaged separately, you can lessen or increase the rigidness …