Helix One-Hitter

The Helix one-hitter from Vessel is a perfect marriage of design and engineering to create an optimal cannabis smoking experience. The pure brass insert spirals smoke through 10 rotations; cooling it before it reaches your lips. Though the insert is easily removed from the sheath for cleaning, letting some resin build up is recommended to help capture any bits of debris that might escape from …

Origins Pipe

This simple one-hitter is high on form, design and function. Made to order, it’s easy to clean, pulls smoothly, and the stainless steel feels great in your hand. It’s available in matte black and bronze.

Voltaire Pipe

Handmade in Portland, OR, the Voltaire pipe is adorned with 22k gold, making for a sophisticated one-hitter. Made in small batches, the pipes go through three kiln firings before being finished—each mouthpiece is then overglazed in gold or silver. Available in white, black, green, sage and red.