KLEIN&SCHöN Ceramics

Inspired by the beauty that shines through the everyday, this collection of one-off pieces promises to be snatched up nearly as quickly as it appears

It goes without saying that the Melbourne-based ceramics design studio KLEIN&SCHöN is onto something big. Though the company just launched in late January 2015, its inaugural collection of handmade, eccentric pastel wares and jewelry sold out in less than a month. Granted, KLEIN&SCHöN went into business with this in mind—designer Genevieve Bryce-Stenzel resolving to make and offer only one-off pieces from the start. It’s an …

Tintype Photo Session

Artist Michael Shindler revived the 19th century tintype photography process in his San Francisco studio, creating beautiful portraits with an old-fashioned and almost haunting feel. The handcrafted method is a painstaking process Shindler recreates on modern-day equipment, preserving a sense of nostalgia with contemporary clarity. Contact Shindler to book a personal four-session anywhere within the continental United States.

Kind of Blue Signed LP

In two studio sessions in the spring of 1959 Miles Davis recorded Kind of Blue, which would quickly solidify itself as the best jazz album of all time. A year later, in 1960, he signed a copy of the record for a fan—something he evidently never did. Collectors have verified that the copy now up for auction on ebay is the only known Davis signature …