Roman Column Cat Water Fountain

Informed by the design of Roman columns, this water fountain from Happy & Polly is a stylish way to ensure cats stay hydrated with clean water. A circulation filter system balances the PH levels of the water, purifies quality and eliminates impurities. The grooved and compact ceramic vessel is minimal, charming and functional.

The Ripple Bowl

Proba Home worked with designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen on a borosilicate glass pet bowl that’s attractive enough to keep on the floor in any room. Available in teal, lavender or amber, the “Ripple Bowl” is heat- and cold-resistant and comes in small or medium.

Speckled Pet Bowls

These bowls from BTW Ceramics are a deco-inspired upgrade for your furry friend. With a speckled pattern on a soft blush hue and high-gloss finish, they’re not an eyesore on the floor. Available in two sizes, each one is hand-thrown and hand-painted, meaning no two are ever the same.