The Game

Designed to ease a dog’s anxiety when home alone, or simply entertain, Fable’s The Game mimics the experience of hunting thanks to an interactive feeding experience that can last up to 30 minutes. Inside, the device holds 1.5 cups of kibble and an inner cover which provides different levels of complexity for retrieving food. Outside, top fins provide space for spreadable treats like peanut butter, …

Dazzle Cat Toy

Like all San Fransisco-based CAT HAUS items, the Dazzle cat toy is handmade to order by shop founder Lora Lombardi. Available in either the “patchwork rainbow” or “chaotic neutral” color scheme, this toy comprises a carpet affixed to wood from which a puff ball sits atop. Made to be slowly destroyed by your cat, this toy aptly dazzles them with movement and fuzzy, funky textures.

David Meowie Cat Toy

Handmade in Canada, these sweet “David Meowie” toys contain premium catnip and are lined for extra strength (but without harmful glues). Made from 100% cotton, sizes and colors may vary due to the toy’s handcrafted nature.