Peck of Pickles Taster

For the pickle lover, there’s no set quite as fresh and diverse as Mouth’s “Peck of Pickles” taster, featuring five different delights. From Epic Pickles’ Old Bay Pickles to Habanero Horseradish Dills from the Real Dill, there’s a substantial variation in everything from heat to sweetness. As with all of Mouth’s offerings, these products are small-batch and hand-selected.

A Guide to Summer Eating and Entertaining

From tiki cocktails to portable fireplaces, boozy pickles and beyond

The season of summer entertaining is upon those of us in the northern hemisphere, and with that our consumption (and decorating) habits change. With our guide to summer entertaining and eating, we’ve selected food and food-related items that can help to punch up any party—even if it’s a party of one. There are homewares with personality, as well as a camping tool and cocktail book …

Hefeweizen Bread and Butter Pickles

Sacramento-based Preservation & Co is aptly named, and their Hefeweizen Bread and Butter Pickles are as good as you’d expect from preserving experts. There’s not much beer in this concoction, so no need to worry about boozy lunches, instead just enjoy the slightly sweet and very zesty sandwich essential.