Chargrilled Sardine Loins in Pickled Sauce

These large, hand-cut sardine loins are grilled over an open fire of holm oak and then conserved in escabeche—a traditional Spanish marinade which consists of Arbequino extra virgin olive oil from Torre de Canena, as well as Acid for the House vinegar from Microbio Wines, onions and spices. With a subtle but fresh flavor, these juicy treats instantly evoke authentic Spanish vermouth.

Wine Tote

Woven from the same premium full-grain leather used for their duffle bags and personal accessories, WP Standard’s new wine tote can accommodate two bottles—and comes complete with an affixed corkscrew pouch (which the brand can monogram). It’s a handsome, high-quality addition to any picnic ensemble.

Cameron Woven Cooler Bag

Available with black or red straps, L*Space’s Cameron Cooler Bag appears from the outside like a woven straw tote, but the interior is insulated, complete with a removable interior liner. The bag features a wide top opening and a flat bottom, both useful when stacking and carting drinks and snacks that could spill or leak. Additionally, the liner can be easily wiped clean.