“Feeling Salty” Patch

For Mondays and any other times when it’s critical to warn people of your attitude before they mess with you, Rosehound Apparel’s “Feeling Salty” patch is nasty but nice. The 100% cotton patch measures 2.75 inches, is iron-on and is available in a peachy pink or black.

Neobasketism Pin

Blending the art of sport and the art of actual art, Toronto-based Just Visiting’s Neobasketism pin is simple yet bold. The brass enamel pin with black nickel plating is for basketball fans as much as it is for art lovers, blending ball with Mondrian.

Anxiety Ghost Pin

When you can’t find your chill-out medication and need a like-minded friend to lament all your concerns to, just affix this Bad Vibes (aka Matt Darling) “Anxiety Ghost” pin to your lapel for a bit company. The hard enamel and chrome-plated nickel pin has the words “overthink everything” emblazoned across the ghost’s chest. Share your woes with this friendly little spook and face the day …