Think Pin

William N Copley (aka CPLY) passed away in 1996, but his thoughtful and provocative art remains relevant. Somewhere between Surrealism and American pop art, Copley’s work is colorful, bold and full of allegory. This American flag pin (with the word “think” replacing the stars) is a timely reminder that’s it’s possible to be hopeful, thoughtful, respectful and still patriotic.

Iván Navarro Eclipse Clock for the PK Shop

The New York-based artist discusses his latest sculpture, which blurs the abstract and functional

An admirer of technology in all its forms, Chilean artist Ivn Navarro struggles with the idea of being pigeonholed. Best known for his thought-provoking light-based sculptures, Navarro challenges himself to constantly evolve his practice so as to surprise rather than pander to his eager audience. His latest project, an illuminated clock made exclusively for Paul Kasmins PK Shop, is no exception. As the first edition …