Zero Waste Placemat

Sold in a set of four, these placemats—like all of Intiearth’s wares—champion Peru’s indigenous materials and techniques while caring for the planet. Crafted from vintage frazada textiles and 100% wool, each bold zero-waste mat features a unique, lively pattern.

Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Culinary Culture

From cookbooks to candy, saucepans, syrups and snacks, something to please every palate

There are few things as special as preparing and sharing a magical meal with those you love—and many important items and ingredients go into making these memories. Whether you’re searching for a gift for a natural wine enthusiast, whisky expert, talented chef, aspiring cook or someone who simply loves to discover new flavors, our Culinary Culture gift guide brims with new ideas. From cookbooks to …

Les Huîtres Placemat

From Chez Diane—a design studio founded by drag performer Steak Diane—comes a convivial, refreshing take on classic gingham placemats. Made in NYC, the Les Huîtres design features embroidered oysters and a lemon wedge on double layer, 100% cotton fabric. Imbued with as much joy and humor and life as Diane herself, these table settings can be purchased as either a single mat or a set …