Digi Spring Camo Poncho

Rainkiss makes even the gloomiest of rainy days bright with its lilac, fuchsia, green and deep purple Digi Spring Camo poncho. Its lush digital pattern is abstractly floral and printed on recycled polyester (with a 7000mm waterproof column to ensure that it stays 100% waterproof). With a built-in storage pouch and adjustment panels on the side, the poncho is a sustainable and functional way to …

Aspen Hooded Anorak

Part poncho, part raincoat, Ganni’s Aspen Hooded Anorak balances practicality and style. With sleeve straps and a drawstring hood, it’s adjustable for use in different types of weather. It also features a flap pocket for a few essentials. Crafted from 100% water-resistant polyester, the anorak’s poncho style (complete with side slits) offers plenty of movability, too.

Keith Haring Voyage Poncho

Herschel’s newest collaboration (released today) is with the estate of the beloved iconic pop artist Keith Haring. Our pick from the bag and outerwear collection, a cute and practical poncho features a wind-resistant and water-repellent coating, as well as a snap closure at the neck. Available for all genders, the poncho’s charming print emits cheer even on the rainiest of days.