Swimming Goggles

Swedish eyewear brand Chimi (founded in 2016 by Charlie Lindström and Daniel Djurdjevic) is best known for accessibly priced sunglasses, but they also make swim masks, goggles and snorkels. Their swimming goggles feature mirrored UV-protective lenses framed by soft silicone, and a non-slip head-strap. Available in orange, green, white or black, they’re super-sleek and sporty.

My Mediterranean Vintage Hammock Float

Contemporary artist Daimon Downey’s geometric and seashell-filled artwork lines either end of this vintage-style SUNNYLiFE float, evoking images of dreamy European summers. The hammock shape doubles as a floating lounge (when used lengthwise) or submerged chair (when sitting in the middle). It features inflated pillows on either end, as well as cotton-backed PVC, ensuring it is as comfortable as it is retro.

Heart Swim Vest

Safe, functional and adorably designed, the coral-hued Heart Swim Vest for kids features an adjustable safety strap, a front zip and velcro tab for additional security. Its durable neoprene improves buoyancy and warmth. Not only practical, the vest features a polka-dot design and a 3D heart on the back. Available in sizes small, medium and large, this vest is intended for kids aged from one to …