Headless Swan Pool Float

Decapitated Floats’ swan inflatable pool toy can accommodate two and comes with its severed head included. Whether you helm the body and let the lost appendage float nearby, or keep the two intact until they separate (for dramatics), this is a delightfully morbid reimagining of the timeless summer accessory. The release is limited to 500.

Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing

From playful and sometimes cynical British artist David Shrigley, a new version of his Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing—this time in black. Made to be a mate for the original white iteration (which was released in 2017), it measures 35 inches tall and is never going to look that impressed that there’s a human floating on its back.

Cindy Sherman Oops Phone Pool Float

Artist Cindy Sherman’s motto “I’d rather be swimming,” takes on new meaning with her new collaborative pool float. This special metallic gold version of the inflatable iPhone-shaped design by Third Drawer Down was produced exclusively for MoMA Design Store. It features one of Sherman’s modified selfies, blown to epic proportion. It’s clever, playful and functional… if you’re interested in putting your art to use. Further, …