Plui Rain Cloud

Design-driven toy brand MOLUK turns a basic principle of physics into a sensorial pastime with their Plui Rain Cloud. Simply fill the cloud with water and squeeze to make it rain or cover the top gap with a finger to make it stop—a straightforward yet surprising toy that allows kids to control the weather.

My Mediterranean Vintage Hammock Float

Contemporary artist Daimon Downey’s geometric and seashell-filled artwork lines either end of this vintage-style SUNNYLiFE float, evoking images of dreamy European summers. The hammock shape doubles as a floating lounge (when used lengthwise) or submerged chair (when sitting in the middle). It features inflated pillows on either end, as well as cotton-backed PVC, ensuring it is as comfortable as it is retro.

Headless Swan Pool Float

Decapitated Floats’ swan inflatable pool toy can accommodate two and comes with its severed head included. Whether you helm the body and let the lost appendage float nearby, or keep the two intact until they separate (for dramatics), this is a delightfully morbid reimagining of the timeless summer accessory. The release is limited to 500.