Super Heavyweight Checkered Rugby

Modeled after bygone iterations, NYC-based Rowing Blazers’ collection of Rugby shirts is cut from 100% super-heavyweight cotton. The 12 gauge knit (which describes the number of stitches per square inch) ensures that it’s a bit warmer and longer-lasting, too. This one features a navy and white oversized checkered pattern, with subtle details under the collar and where the buttons meet. It’s a slimmer silhouette—for an oversized fit, the …

Skull ties from J.Press

J.Press can always be relied on for its preppy classics. Their Skull & Bones ($55.50) and Skull and Paisley ($72.50) ties caught our eye. Going black tie? The Skull and Bones bow tie ($29.50) suits us fine. Also on CH: Fancy Pants Punk Thanks Jeff and Brian