Public School’s Lab-Brewed Bio-Leather Sneakers

Through Slow Factory’s One x One science incubator program, Public School NY teamed up with Dr Theanne Schiros (of Columbia University and FIT) to make sneakers designed from leather grown in a natural fermentation process. The method (similar to how kombucha is made)  results in a material that can be formed to any mold, without excess—drastically reducing the waste produced. “The idea of a bacterially …

Public School Uses the Past To Reimagine the Future

From a pop-up replacing their runway show to partnering with Nike

Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of New York native brand Public School have never been the type to take a safe approach to their designs or projects. Everything they have created has been done through their NYC-centric, sport-based lenses. Whether it’s the red MAGA-defying hats they showed on the runway last February—that read “Make America New York” and offered proceeds to the ACLU—or their backpack …

“Make America New York” Cap

First seen on models strutting the catwalk during NYFW this year, Public School’s “Make America New York” caps are now available for purchase by mere mortals. Even better though, is the fact that 100% of the net proceeds will go to the ACLU. Obviously it’s a clever take on that infamous red cap, but this is one we certainly endorse wearing.