Castle Block Set

From the heirloom-quality South German toy brand Gluckskafer, the Castle Block Set is a vertical puzzle produced with wood from the Linden tree. The bright primary colors (drawn from non-toxic, water-based paint) lend each block—and the non-traditional, but still fairytale-like castle as a whole—an even more imaginative presence.

Frank Stella Jigsaw Puzzle

A puzzle version of Frank Stella’s stunning 1970 painting “Firuzabad” echoes the colorful, geometric abstract piece. With two overlapping circles—which, in the puzzle, are specially contoured for the smoothest curves—the jigsaw boasts an unusual shape. Inside the circles, opposing and complimentary concentric and diagonal lines converge in a mesmerizing pattern. Made with 90% recycled paper, the puzzle is printed with non-toxic ink.

Magnetic Puzzle Box

Built with 36 rare-earth magnets, Shashibo’s Magnetic Puzzle Box explores the endless shape-shifting potential within structures and magnets. The puzzle can create over 70 different shapes (which their guide can help with) in addition to being stackable with other puzzle boxes to create even larger formations. Available in a range of kaleidoscopic patterns and designs, this puzzle mesmerizes with all its folds and flips.