Freeride Urban Rebel

Radinn electric jet-boards are like a stand-up paddle-boards without the paddle and the Urban Rebel is one of their most versatile designs. If configured with a standard motor and battery, it can speed up to 25mph and run for 25 minutes. Upgrades can boost those numbers to 35mph and 45 minutes of ride time. Pricing is subject to change depending on your particular configuration.

Carve Tarifa Electric Surfboard

One of the two most recents additions to the roster of Swedish electric surfboard producer Radinn, the smaller Carve Tarifa model (measuring 5’10” long) weighs substantially less and offers sharper turning. This is an advanced jetboard option and goes from zero to 25mph in 9.7 seconds. Radinn also lets users customize the board, if they’re seeking longer range or more advanced mobility.