Tech Evolutions that Simplify the User Experience

We're moving on from the age of pointing and clicking

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The mouse enabled graphical interfaces decades ago. Wireless data enabled us to remain connected on the go. Faster processors and smaller sensors have increased the range of what our devices can do. In this world of rapidly evolving tech, consideration for how we as people interact with our technology is not typically as advanced. There are a few great examples out there where humanity and …

EVERYBODY.WORLD Takes on “Less is More” Style

An LA-based brand with a unique approach to an industry of excess

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LA-based EVERYBODY.WORLD is doing something not many fashion brands are willing or able to do: simplifying and reducing their wares to the basics. That by no means results in lower quality goods or basic garb nobody wants to wear—rather it’s the makings for a pared-back but still stylish collection of apparel. To boot, everything is made sustainably and ethically. We spoke with founders Iris Alonzo …

Reducing the Design Elements of Time-Telling

Subtracting from decades of more-is-more wristwatches to deliver something beautiful

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Undeniably we stand in the midst of a minimal watch boom—with Daniel Wellingtons flying off the shelves (both tactile and digital) and onto the wrists of those who haven’t abandoned ship for the Apple Watch. Minimalism and reductionist aesthetics, however, are two different things. For every brand out there calling itself modern, minimal, clean and classic, there are a dozen others presenting unique, distinct designs …