Acquedotto Vase

Barcelona-based DOIY deals in surprising and thoughtful homewares, and their Acquedotto vase is no exception. Modeled after a Roman arch, the ceramic vessel blends architecture into a floral display. It’s available as either a single arch in pink or a double arch in purple with both featuring colorful marbled patterns.

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Recognition for women artists, an extension to NYC's High Line, autonomous car racing and more

The Mission to Spotlight Women Artists During the Renaissance Era Since its inception in 2009, Advancing Women Artists (AWA) has identified 2,000+ works by women artists tucked away in Italy’s museums, churches and beyond. The non-profit also funded the restoration of 70 more pieces spanning the 16th and 17th centuries. All of this encompasses their mission: to fight for equitable representation in museums and scholarly …

Pompeii’s Unearthed Stash of Ancient Charms and Amulets

When Pompeii met its sudden end more than 2,000 years ago, the city was buried with many treasures intact. With every archaeological dig there, remarkable insight into Roman life is revealed. A recent dig inside the House of the Garden unearthed the remains of 10 people and a collection of gems, beads, shells and amulets—once housed in a wooden box. There are phallic charms oftentimes …