Japan’s Shupatto Bags Easily Collapse for Simple Stowing

From totes to backpacks, foldable ripstop polyester products that roll up to save space

In many ways, the Shupatto bags, produced by Marna, act as an easy-to-decipher optical illusion. The Japanese company designs and manufactures a range of ripstop nylon products—totes of varying sizes, a backpack and more—that collapse and roll into surprisingly small bundles for stowing. This concept isn’t new, but the way Marna has engineered all of them is—thanks to an intuitive structure drawn from the world …

Canvas Lunch Bag

Brown-bag it in style with this heavy duty waxed canvas lunch sack. Made in Duluth, Minnesota, the 13” x 8” by 5”-deep bag features brass hardware, leather accents and a water-resistant coating. The 18-oz canvas is sure to last for years to come and only improve with age—so don’t just limit this versatile piece to lunchtime.