Saguaro Coffee Glasses

When stacked upside-down, these bright green Saguaro glasses resemble a cactus. The set (from DOIY Design) comprises six different shapes—two cups with handles, three without and one with a rounded bottom—all of which have an eight-ounce capacity. Not only do they create the silhouette of a Saguaro when stacked, they also serve different purposes individually. Dishwasher- and freezer-safe, they’re a playful addition to any at-home …

Fluorescent Acrylic Cactus

SF-based designer Nobel Truong’s cacti are an especially rare type: they give off a glow thanks to the fluorescent acrylic material they’re laser-cut from. Choose from three different species (Saguaro, Echinocereus or moon cactus) and never worry about watering.