Recreating Long-Lost Liqueurs at Waterpocket Distillery

Delving into history for unique and botanical-rich spirits

Within the field of archeology, one of the most distressing concepts is the unfathomable amount of lost history. While traces of physical entities such as the Irish Crown Jewels, Roanoke Colony, and Amelia Earhart’s airplane may resurface in the future, an extraordinary number of intangible concepts have disappeared forever—namely languages, cultures and cuisines. Therefore, countless organizations and private businesses race to preserve the legacy of …

Drake Powderworks’ New Permanent Phantom Wax

A one-time base glide treatment for snowboards and skis that's better for the environment

Utah-based company Drake Powderworks Skis (DPS) is planning to make a big change to the industry with their new product, the Phantom. The brand’s new Kickstarter is funding their one-time application base-coat for skis and snowboards. Its patent-pending polymer technology means this treatment is permanent. Working with material scientists, the DPS team was able to “attack the problem via a novel free-radical polymerization.” Unlike traditional …

Interview: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi

Inside the innovative social business combining global causes with outdoor gear that's built and designed to last


The desire to see the world, step outside one’s own boundaries and see how others live is human nature. Davis Smith, founder and CEO of socially conscious outdoor company Cotopaxi, spent much of his childhood outside his native US in developing countries around the world. Inspired to alleviate the poverty he saw and to give hope to those in dire circumstances, the serial entrepreneur turned …