Sore Muscle Salve

With relaxing effects from tobacco and warming relief from cayenne and cloves, this hand-crafted salve by Fat and the Moon (founded by herbalist Rachel Budde) soothes muscles with natural ingredients that are ethically harvested. More than a way to ease the body however, the balm’s subtle, spicy and earthy aromas—bolstered by vetiver essential oils—also invigorate the senses.

Maison For Recovery

With 250mg of hemp extract, this salve is infused with a cannabinoid and terpene, designed to relieve sore muscles and inflammation. The texture is smooth but not greasy and instantly soothes abrasions or points of irritation. Subtle notes of sage, sandalwood, peppermint and coconut balance out the hemp and herbal scents—making for a delightful fragrance.

“The Fixer” CBD Salve

With a pleasant aroma of organic eucalyptus and lavender, Beam’s “The Fixer” salve is soothing for muscular aches and pains—and for the mind. The one-ounce jar comes packed with 500mg of organic pharmaceutical-grade, full-spectrum CBD oil, beeswax and medium-chain triglycerides—the latter two give your skin an unmistakable softness.