Test Ride: The Santa Cruz Tallboy Mountain Bike

Light but tough, a bike that promises adventure

Going downhill, almost too fast for comfort on the new 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy, the tight trail slips between two trees so close together that the bike’s handlebars touch bark. The trail dives straight down a steep slope lined with sharp stones. This descent is simply too gnarly for us. Yet, another rider—co-founder of Pocono Bike Company, George Halas—on the exact same bike descends with …

Gift Guide: Bikes and Accessories

Everything you need to hit the road, trail or track

Not only an eco-friendly way to commute, biking is a global community that encompasses dreamers, enthusiasts and professionals. As such, there’s an endless supply of gear to go along with it all—base layers, sunglasses, helmets, locks, bags and more. Whether your preferred route lies along your city’s primary thoroughfare or well beyond its limits, within the confines of a track or in proximity to your …

V10 Racing Bike

A serious racing bike, the Santa Cruz V10 (available in 27.5-inch and 29-inch frame sizes) is perhaps the most celebrated downhill bicycle in the sport’s history. The lightweight frame’s lower leverage accommodates and absorbs more shock, while redesigned derailleur cable routing protects the housing from chain damage. With its win history and menacing design, the V10 offers a compelling level of confidence for riders.