Midyett’s Smoky Premium Rub From High-Quality Coffee and Sumac

Elevate your meals with seasoning that enhances more than meat

An important lesson in grilling: the less moisture that’s clinging to what’s cooking, the faster you’ll achieve that crispy, caramelized sear. Thus, dry rubs (a simple one can consist of just salt, pepper and brown sugar) make more sense than marinades when you’re choosing how to season. One of the best spice rubs you might not have tasted yet is made by musician Tim Midyett, …

Artisan Sea Salt Slide Tin

Harvested from the cold waters off the coast of Oregon, Jacobsen Salt Co’s beautifully flakey crystals strike the perfect balance between earthy minerality and full on salty ocean flavor. Loved by chefs like Thomas Keller (Per Se) and April Bloomfield (The Spotted Pig), Jacobsen’s salt has the refinement of centuries-old fleur de sel with the zing of new American enthusiasm.

Amagansett Sea Salt

Harvested directly from the Atlantic Ocean, then solar-evaporated and hand-filtered, the Amagansett Sea Salt packs crunch and a light oceanic flavor that touches on scents reminiscent of the Northeast coastline. Founded by husband and wife duo Amagansett Sea Salt Co., is one of only a handful artisan salt makers on the entire Eastern sea coast.