WAH-WAH Australia’s Unconventional Knitwear

Collaborating with local bands for bold, intricate sweater designs

As the season of the “ugly sweater” approaches, the marijuana-themes and Tumblr-esque designs abound, but one label—WAH-WAH Australia—has taken a different (albeit still delightfully gaudy) approach. Helmed by Kaylene Milner, WAH-WAH creates unconventional and very playful sweaters made in collaboration with local bands. Think of it as a concert merch, but in knitted form. Featuring designs that are anything but subtle—one is a trippy tribute …

The Evolution of Seinfeld

Seinfeld—a show in which almost nothing seemed to change episode to episode, season to season—actually evolved more than even the most dedicated of viewers might have noticed. In this article on Slate, readers are shown a series of graphs that explain the changes in the show—from pace to secondary characters and even “the rise of Kramer.” A typical episode in the first season contained about …

Fab Launches New Furniture Brand

Seinfeld emoji, fashion's World Cup team, an artist's secret swimming pool and more in our weekly look at the web

The latest in a seemingly never-ending adjustment in strategy by the online retailer, Fab recently acquired two-year-old Scandinavian design brand One Nordic, and subsequently rolled out Hem, a new furniture venture. This September, Hem will launch in 30 countries with 300 exclusive products to be available online and through three brick-and-mortar showrooms in Germany.