“Escapewear” Brand Tombolo Opens Their Flagship NYC Store

Founders Chris Galasso and Michael Sard on creating their Nolita space

Launching four years ago, Tombolo—founded by childhood friends Mike Sard and Chris Galasso—makes apparel that plays on classic, kitsch souvenir garments. It’s become a treasured “inactivewear” brand, beloved for its breezy, whimsical, nostalgic style. Existing online, as well as selling at pop-ups and events across the city to Montauk and beyond (the waiters in White Lotus even wore their pasta shirts), Tombolo recently opened their …

Abolish Prisons Shirt

From Small Spells (the company helmed by artist, reiki healer and tarot card reader, Rachel Howe), this “Abolish Prisons” T-shirt has been solar-dyed by LA-based Jennifer Parry Dodge, who forages eucalyptus, Japanese alder cones and logwood for the process. Each shirt is unique, thanks to this natural method, so colors and patterns will vary from indigo to purple to gray. Additionally, 50% of the proceeds …

Midnight Screening Tee

Part of the official merch collection for the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, the Midnight Screening Tee celebrates the annual event’s beloved roster of late-night movies. On the front of the black T-shirt, a mesmerizing visual design emanates outward. It makes for an ideal article of clothing when attending a midnight screening during the festival—or at a theater closer to home.