Factory Visit: Italian Faucet-Maker Fantini

Production and headquarters on the shore of Lake Orta

Located not far from Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta is perhaps the least internationally known of Northern Italy’s lakes. But it’s here—in the small village of Pella, directly on the lake’s shore—that the Fantini company can be found. The lake is intrinsic to the company, and its employees. Fantini has been making faucets, showers and accessories here since 1947 and is deeply rooted in the …

Waffle Robe

Less formal, lighter and cooler (temperature-wise) than “hotel style” plush robes, this 100% Turkish cotton robe dries the body beautifully. Thanks to its woven waffle texture, it also feels like being wrapped up in a cloud. Parachute understands how hard it is to keep things white—especially if you’re a coffee drinker—and offers two different non-white colorways: tan or grey.

What Makes Shower-Crying So Good

From a Ray Bradbury poem to a GIF-worthy reel of Tobias Fünke in Arrested Development, the appeal of crying in the shower has been well documented. But what is it about shower-crying that makes it so comforting? After studying over 5,000 crying episodes between men and women, University of Pittsburgh psychologist Lauren Byslma confirmed that people prefer to cry alone, making the privacy of the …