Road Trip: NYC to Baltimore

We use Silvercar's super-efficient service for a drive down to Charm City

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Spattered with murals, it’s hard to turn a corner in Baltimore without coming face to face with a unique piece of art. The city’s reputation for its off-beat arts scene is evident on almost every block. A short drive out of New York, Charm City hosts a unique cultural scene that bursts with energy. Lively merchants are creating new businesses that showcase the unique flavor …

Road Trip: LA to Santa Barbara

We use Silvercar's seamless service to explore some gems along the Californian coast

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California’s coast offers so many types of adventure as it stretches from the warm Baha border through the crisp cutoff of Oregon’s forests. Yet there’s nothing quite so alluring as the lush, beachy mid-section of the state: California’s central coast, an area ripe for road tripping along the famed 101 Freeway and Pacific Coast Highway. When traveling north from Los Angeles, the central coast offers …