Silk Sleep Mask

From Upstate—Kalen Kaminski’s clothing, textile and glassware line and creative studio—these 100% mulberry silk sleep masks feature a swirling palette of colors that are hand-dyed. As silk mitigates friction while locking in hydration, the comfortable and luxurious masks (available in dark-toned Midnight, earth-toned Nosara, and lilac-leaning Purple Rain) help cultivate deeper sleep while protecting skin and hair.

French Bulldog Silk Sleep Mask

Sustainable luxury sleepwear brand LILYSILK crafts sleep masks from 100% Grade 6A Mulberry silk, a skin-friendly and breathable fabric with 18 helpful amino acids. It comes from Mulberry trees—which require less water to grow and are thus considered more environmentally friendly. With a French Bulldog shape (available in pink, white or purple), the mask is playful and decadent.

Zodiac Silk Robe

Silky and celestial, this mid-length robe from Karen Mabon is composed of starry and mystical illustrations that represent the different zodiac signs. Finished with beautiful blue piping, pockets and a waist tie, this garment is a light and luxurious way to lounge. Price is in Pounds.