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Small Spells

Abolish Prisons Shirt


From Small Spells (the company helmed by artist, reiki healer and tarot card reader, Rachel Howe), this “Abolish Prisons” T-shirt has been solar-dyed by LA-based Jennifer Parry Dodge, who forages eucalyptus, Japanese …

Small Spells

2021 Astrology Calendar


From Small Spells (run by Rachel Howe) comes a mystical but playful calendar featuring Howe’s delightful hand-drawn illustrations. With pertinent information like when a new moon is in Aquarius, the calendar is …

Illustrated Tarot Pack


This color tarot deck by Small Spells (run by Rachel Howe) is a charming set of cards featuring Howe’s illustrations. While delightfully mystic, the pictures are also inspired by cartoons, tattoos, low-fi …