Comfort Cleanse

From NYC-based Soft Services (founded by Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou), Comfort Cleanse is a super-light water gel that’s ideal for sensitive or dry skin, and is even gentle enough for babies. The smooth, unscented formula creates a light lather. It’s housed in a subtle green-hued aluminum bottle that can be recycled.

Buffing Bar

Packed with micro-crystals (evenly ground magnesium oxide particles), Soft Services’ bright blue Buffing Bar exfoliates the body and provides immediate results. This utilitarian creation (which comes in simple recycled packaging) feels like a hybrid of the humble bar of soap and pumice stone. The tiny crystals are ideal for keratosis pilaris, rough and dry skin, as well as areas that are prone to ingrown hairs. …

Spirulina Botanical Bar

The Spirulina Botanical Bar is a thoughtfully fragrant and nourishing product from scent and skincare line Redoux NYC. Weaving lavender, ylang ylang, palmarosa and eucalyptus essential oils, the aroma evokes bathhouses and their cleansing properties. Meanwhile, spirulina helps diminish acne and support collagen production, and rice milk, a centuries-old Chinese and Korean ingredient for skincare, fights inflammation.