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Lido Pimienta: Coming Thru A standout track from Lido Pimienta’s Miss Colombia, “Coming Thru” reappears with an all-new music video made in collaboration with visual artist Orly Anan. Colorful fruits and fairytale figures crowd the set while choir vocals, woodwind instruments and rising synths form the minimal, but textured song. “The creatures next to me are acting as my conscience but most importantly, my sense …

Sofie: Happen 2 B There (Lauer Dance Mix)

From Stones Throw recording artist Sofie’s 2020 album Cult Survivor, “Happen 2 B There,” is transformed into a thumping dance tune by Frankfurt-based producer Lauer. The song’s underlying structure remains but Lauer’s emphasis on the instrumentation—digital drums, deep bass and robotic accents—amplifies the original.

Sofie + Miss World feat. Peanut Butter Wolf: Melody

Stones Throw Records artists Sofie and Miss World tap label founder Peanut Butter Wolf (aka Christopher Manak) for a cover of Plustwo’s 1983 track “Melody.” Their version boasts the same sense of satisfying obscurity, while furthering the lo-fi visuals of the original video. It’s altogether upbeat, and entirely danceable—especially once you reach the breakdown midway through the track.