Reykjavik Speaker

The smallest portable speaker yet by Danish brand Vifa takes its design cues (and name) from Iceland. With three drivers packed into a pebbly shape that enhances 360-degree sound, the Reykjavik comes either covered in Kvadrat woolen fabric or in a fully anodized aluminum version that’s as tough as it looks.

Mini Jambox

Jawbone shrunk their music player, sexed it up, and it sounds better than ever

Since its introduction in November 2010, Jawbone’s Jambox has done what few products in its space have: remained relevant. While we’ve since seen various iterations of the Yves Béhar design, from Big Jambox to our very own CH Edition Jambox, the portable speaker and speakerphone has become the benchmark by which all portables are measured—at least aesthetically. Three years in, they’ve updated just about all …


The streamlined beauty of Jawbone's palm-sized wireless speaker

Whether at business meetings or just for showing off to friends, it’s rare to see the kind of excitement generated as when we recently demoed Aliph’s new Jawbone Jambox, a portable Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone. Designed by Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject design studio, the diminutive device achieves grown-up style, successfully translating the brand’s sleek premium headsets into a larger model that feels as high quality as …