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If you’ve been following CH Global Spin; our editor-at-large Karen Day’s travels as part of her Gap-year-style break from traditional work, you’d be aware that she has finally returned back to NYC. She traveled everywhere from Berlin to Beşiktaş, Seoul to Singapore and Bali. Star Alliance has given that same opportunity to one very lucky candidate, and you can vote now to send whoever you …

CH Global Spin: Hollow, Bristol

Artist Katie Paterson’s public installation at the Royal Fort Gardens combines 10,000 unique tree species to form a microcosm of Earth’s natural history

Kids understand it as a giant climbing structure of tricky proportions. Adults recognize it as an intriguing public sculpture and when inside, an opportunity for a moment of zen. Scottish artist Katie Paterson sees it as a miniature forest comprised of all the world’s trees. Claimed as her most ambitious work to date, “Hollow” is an arboreal microcosm that combines 10,000 unique tree species to …

CH Global Spin: Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels

Sight and sound are of equal importance when visiting this fantastic trove of melodious artifacts

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by Karen Day Do you know what a serpent chandelier sounds like? Or, perhaps more importantly, did you know that a serpent chandelier is a tuba-esque wind instrument? It’s surprising encounters like these that make exploring Brussels’ Musical Instruments Museum such a wondrous affair, but it’s the institution’s dense audio guide that makes it an incredibly well-rounded experience. At five stories tall and home to …