Think Pin

William N Copley (aka CPLY) passed away in 1996, but his thoughtful and provocative art remains relevant. Somewhere between Surrealism and American pop art, Copley’s work is colorful, bold and full of allegory. This American flag pin (with the word “think” replacing the stars) is a timely reminder that’s it’s possible to be hopeful, thoughtful, respectful and still patriotic.

4th of July Looks

Show a little patriotism this Independence Day with subtle Americana

Between the recent Supreme Court ruling to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states and the continued, indomitable notion that with persistence anything is achievable, there’s plenty to be proud of in the USA. While it’s not a country without flaws, showing a little patriotism doesn’t hurt—especially when it’s done with a little class. We’re not advocating wearing the flag as a cape, but …