Mini Jointlocker

Made in Canada from plant-based plastic, Another Room’s Mini Jointlocker is a neat carrying case for a small BIC lighter and a mini joint. A removable chain allows users to attach the kit to a set of keys, bag or belt. Available in various colors and sizes, it’s a playful but practical accessory. Price is in CAD.

Sweet Leaf Clutch

Featuring a black leather marijuana leaf patch, this denim clutch comes complete with zippered interior compartments. Measuring 12.5 by nine inches, it’s large enough to store the essentials, and the fringed zip detail makes it all the more extravagant and sophisticated.

Golden Snitch

Those tiny plastic baggies sadly let the whole world know you’ve got good weed. Stash the precious bud away from mooching roommates in this gorgeous California-made Golden Snitch orb, available at Sweetflag. The new online shop is fully of beautifully designed smoking accessories—think black obsidian pipes, hand-forged brass incense burners, coconut-flavored rolling papers—that look impeccable long after the joint’s done.