Moog Sound Studio

Ideal for professionals and rookies alike, the Moog Sound Studio provides an all-encompassing approach to exploring modulated sounds. Upgraded from their first iteration, this package offers a richer experience to build complex and complete songs, featuring three 60HP analog synthesizers: Mother-32, DFAM and Subharmonicon. The curated set also comes with a custom duvet cover, audio mixer, power distribution hub, audio and patch cables, synth exploration …

Synth Kit

Recommended for ages 14+, this kit, designed by Little Bits and KORG, lets young music-lovers build their own modular synth. Featuring a delay, filter, micro-sequencer, oscillator, synth speaker and much more, the builder has limitless options as far as sound and execution go. Learning how to build a synth is only the first step; playing it is second—and both are equally educational and enjoyable.