LOEWE’s Limited Edition David Wojnarowicz Collaboration for Visual Aids

Work from the iconic artist and activist graces a small T-shirt collection

The medium for output morphed frequently with artist and activist David Wojnarowicz. As an artist, he cast powerful messages of action, change and outlying through his photos, paintings, films, performances and more. While his activism (both connected to and extending beyond his art) drew critical awareness to AIDs and HIV. To honor the beloved artist (who passed away in 1992) and to raise money in …

Everpress + Amnesty International’s Censorship Collaboration

Amnesty International has joined forces with custom, no-waste brand Everpress and 50 artists in order to create a collection of T-shirts that explore the concept of censorship. Designers, illustrators, photographers, cartoonists and more are taking part in the project—from Maria Falbo to Thierry Noir and more. Our pick might be BRICK magazine’s iteration: a screen-printed copy of the 1990 New York Times article titled “Obscenity …

10pt’s Clever Sustainable T-Shirt Packaging

Student designers Antonina Kozlova and Kanokpon Yokchoo from the Anhalt University of Design started a T-shirt brand whose packaging is not only sustainable, but also useful. The innovative packaging—a spiral paper tube which the shirts are shipped inside—doubles as measuring tape. Simply unravel the 100% recycled paper tube, and a colorful tape-measure is the result. See more at thedieline.