French Press Brewer

HAY’s French Press Brewer is a refreshing update to the classic mode of coffee-making. The one-liter glass brewer comes in two retro-leaning styles: clear with a yellow and blue lid or aqua with a teal and brown top. When not in use, the colorful essential makes for joyful decor.

Best of CH 2022: Editors’ Favorites

Stories where we found community, indulged in creativity and celebrated innovation

Reflecting on the year through the stories we loved most is not only a nostalgic pastime, but it also lets us highlight and appreciate some of the memorable artists, inventions and places that invigorated and sustained us along the way. This year, we spoke with inspiring cultural innovators, explored large-scale art and maximalist hotels, we found community and indulged in creativity. Below, our favorite features …

Essential Matcha Kit

From Ippodo—a Kyoto-based company that has made high-quality tea for almost three centuries—comes this Essential Matcha Kit. Included in the all-in-one set: high-grade matcha, white tea bowl, bamboo ladle, tea strainer, whisk and even a whisk stand for storage. The matcha is a rich, smooth iteration called Horai that combines sweetness, bitterness and umami. It’s a lovely set for experts and rookies, and for the …