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Hip-hop, blues, electronic and more in this week's new music

Saba feat. theMIND: SIRENS “SIRENS,” the second half of the track “BUSY/SIRENS” from Saba’s album Care for Me, is a poignant portrayal of misaccused black men. “Riding through the city / I’m young, I’m black, I’m guilty / I know one time wanna kill / They don’t know me but they fear me,” he begins his first verse. With cutting cadence, Saba tackles topics ranging from police …

TENDER: Bottled Up

Off the band’s forthcoming sophomore record, Fear of Falling Asleep, out on Partisan Records on 18 January, comes “Bottled Up,” a deep and bluesy tune about introversion. The song’s many layers—guitar, bass, drum, atmospheric filters and daunting vocals—play perfectly together. Though reminiscent of recent releases by other artists, as the band’s name ironically implies, it’s a bit more tender and less boasting (and arguably better).