FEIT’s Sporty SS20 Silhouettes Made From Natural Materials

Each handmade by a single craftsman, these sneakers employ long-lasting materials and offer plenty of natural benefits

CH favorite FEIT approached their collection of SS20 sneakers through the goal of emphasizing craftsmanship. Most performance sneakers employ plastics, synthetic materials and artificial ways of replicating the innate abilities of natural materials. Plus, most of us wearing these high-performance models never truly push them to the extreme limits for which they’re designed. “All athletic footwear is made predominantly via three things,” FEIT founder Tull …

Bata Tennis Shoe

Generations of Indian school kids have had the shoes comprising their traditional phys-ed uniform co-opted for street style. The Bata Tennis is a classic, 100% cotton kick with green pinstripes around a thick sole with simple white laces.