Studio Visit: SAW.EARTH

At his new Brooklyn workshop, designer Drew Seskunas opens up about architecture for the wandering planet

Drew Seskunas is a designer rooted in community. On weekends, that group might be the Chinatown skate scene; on an early morning, the surfers who congregate at Rockaway Beach; and at home in Brooklyn, his family. While at work, however, Seskunas is mostly flying solo, but thinking critically about design solutions for the people his projects will serve. He launched SAW.EARTH (Seskunas Architecture Workshop on Earth) …

The Principals’ Sound Journeys

Using field recordings documented by Chris Watson (the guy behind all of David Attenborough’s intoxicating wildlife documentaries), Brooklyn-based design studio The Principals recently created an interactive journey that guides visitors through the sounds of the natural world. Participants walk through three distinct aural zones—forest, canyon and sea—as sound elements like winds gusting across Norwegian islands or seals singing in Antarctica play with one’s sense of …

Moon Rock Coasters

An out-of-this-world cocktail deserves a proper perch—nothing less than, say, the Principals’ Moon Rock Coasters. Inspired by the cosmic beauty of asteroid fields and comet debris, the set of four comprises four prismatic slabs cast in concrete.