Tie-Dye Proof T-Shirt

Cowgirl’s Tie-Dye Proof T-Shirt playfully pokes fun at the tie-dye craze by implying their simple, black-hued top is impossible to alter. “Tie-Dye Proof Product Technology,” the white screenprint on the chest reads. Whether for yourself or a friend whose tie-dye habit has gone too far, this 100% cotton staple makes a statement.

Light Prismatic Studio Tee

Dyed by hand in New York, Found My Animal’s cozy Studio Tee comes in various tie-dye patterns. Intended for all kinds of baby animals, though ideal for pet pooches, the lightweight shirts are available from XS (with an eight-inch length) to XXL (with a 22-inch length).

Rope Planter

Available in several sizes and hues, this 100% cotton rope planter has been ice-dyed by Charlotte Rigby (aka No Slouch Studios) in London. Made by hand, this particular iteration measures 12cm tall, with an equal sized base. Perfect for hiding plastic pots and adding extra color to a room.