Orb Clock

Historic clock manufacturer L’Épée 1839 has once again collaborated with experimental time-telling brand MB&F to create the Orb, a transformative, futuristic clock that resembles a high-tech eye. Comprised of four segments that surround the dial, the Orb can be positioned fully closed, fully open or somewhere in between for swivel, hanging or balanced structuring. Behind this cutting-edge design, a L’Épée 1839 hour-striking clock with an …

Hach Watch

Designed by London-based brand Objest, the Hach watch features a numberless dial that’s anything but boring. Its minimal face is jazzed up by a maze-like geometric pattern that’s subtle, but a little mesmerizing. Built from 316L stainless steel, the Swiss-made watch also comes in a range of finishes (including Diamond Like Carbon) and colorways.

Braun’s Iconic LCD Watch Reborn

One of our favorite watches celebrates Dieter Rams' impeccable style

In 1978 Braun issued the digital DW30 watch with a groundbreaking style departure designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs. Retired in 1981, only 8,500 were made (4,500 first edition and 4,000 second edition), and most were sold in Germany. There were 200 black case watches also made, which are now highly collectible. I was lucky enough to find one of the originals years ago, …