The 2022 TOILETPAPER calendar offers all the surreal, bold and sultry imagery fans of artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari’s magazine are accustomed to. This year’s food theme incorporates everything from chicken drumstick microphones to women sitting on fruit tarts—placing this calendar somewhere between ’70s cookbook and kitsch pin-ups. Juicy, glossy and off-kilter, this is a playful way to keep track of your days.

Maison Kitsuné + Toiletpaper’s Collaborative Collection

Kittens, brains, toothpaste and more from the French and Italian names

Following collaborations with the likes of ADER Error, Eastpak and more, Maison Kitsuné teamed up with Toiletpaper (aka artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari) and the results are a perfect blend of each brand’s identity. Combining the publication’s sometimes kitsch, oftentimes retro style to the brand’s signature straightforward style, there are kitten-covered hoodies, T-shirts emblazoned with brains being chopped in two, sweaters with dripping …

Lipstick Rug

Outrageous and super-bold, Seletti + Toiletpaper’s statement collaboration rugs is playful art meant to be stomped on. With 100% polyester carpets bearing everything from eyeballs to frog burgers, our pick is the pink and black “Lipstick” design—a classic from Toiletpaper that can also be found on melamine serving trays and porcelain plates—which plays with gender roles. Price is in British pounds.