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Turkish Towel + Carrier


This black and white handwoven Aegean cotton towel can handle all summer beach and picnic needs. Moreover, it’s easy to carry on all your adventures thanks to a leather carrying harness. With …

Night Indigo Towel


Linking up once again, sportswear giant adidas and skateboarding darling PALACE present a collection of summer-ready apparel and accessories inspired by retro football designs. While the terry tracksuits and jersey-like tops are …

POOL Beach Towel


Bring poolside vibes along on any adventure—even in the cold—with Schönstaub’s POOL Beach Towel. Made in Germany, the 100% cotton towel bears the vibrant brush of palm trees surrounded by glittering swimming …

Elizabeth Peyton Artist Towel


Hang it up as a piece of art, take it to the beach to spread out or cuddle up together after a swim—this towel is big enough for two and is sure …

Striped Hammam Towel


Hand-woven cotton Hammam towels—a staple of traditional Moroccan baths—are as absorbent as they are versatile. Perfect for drying off after a quick dip, the towels can also double as sarongs, scarves or …