“Danger!” Sleeping Mask

From Intoart, a Peckham-based collective of artists and designers with learning disabilities, this sleep mask was created by Andre Williams. The soft velvet fabric features vibrant orange and pink letters spelling out “Danger!” (perhaps a warning not to wake the snoozer). With a satin headband, this playful accessory measures 20 by 10cm. Price is in Pounds.

Capra Single Watch Roll

Crafted from premium materials in the UK by luxury leather goods brand Ettinger’s highly skilled artisans, the Capra Single Watch Roll offers a safe, secure and stylish way to stow a wristwatch while traveling. Inside, a timepiece wraps around a removable padded roll, and is further cushioned by a soft suede insert. It’s all securely snapped shut with one silver popper button.

Packable Slippers

In Japanese households it’s customary to remove your shoes upon entering the home. Thus comfortable and durable house slippers are a necessary accessory. SUBU, a Tokyo brand making such slippers, also makes a packable iteration. With a cushioned sole and a poly fill, they’ll keep your feet comfortable and warm. Available in sizes 5.5 to 12, they’re also available in three colors: gloss black, foil …